President Heads by Houston Artist David Adickes

Here are a few images from a walkabout in 2006 in the Houston Arts District.

Adickes was born in Huntsville, Texas in 1927.[3]
In 1983, Adickes created Virtuoso, a 36-foot steel and concrete statue of a string trio. It is displayed in Houston.[4] In 1986, he created Cornet as a stage prop for the New Orleans World Fair.[5] In 1994, he created A Tribute to Courage in memory of Houston's namesake, Sam Houston. In 2004, he created 43 large busts of American presidents at Presidents Park, Virginia.[6] In 2006, he erected 60-foot statue of Stephen F. Austin in Brazoria County, Texas.[7] In 2012, he turned his old high school in Huntsville into the Adickes Art Foundation Museum.[8] Quoted from Wikipedia

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